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  • I've never worked with a travel agent before. What can I expect the process to look like?
    We believe that by following this comprehensive 5 step process, we can create unforgettable travel experiences tailored to your unique preferences and needs. As your dedicated travel advisors, we are committed to making your journey exceptional from start to finish. 1. Consultation: Our journey together begins with a personalized consultation. This initial conversation allows us to understand your travel preferences, interests, budget, and any specific requirements you may have. We encourage you to share as much information as possible so that we can better tailor the trip to your unique needs. If you think of something you would like to add after our call just shoot me a quick email and I will add it to my notes. 2. Development of Proposed Itinerary: Using the valuable insights gathered during the consultation, we will curate an itinerary exclusively designed for you. We meticulously research and handpick destinations, accommodations, activities, and other components to match your preferences. The time this takes can vary based on the nature and complexity of the trip. Once we have completed your itinerary we will reach out with a link to schedule a google meets where we will present the options and considerations to you. This proposed itinerary will be a starting point for us to refine and perfect until it aligns perfectly with your vision. 3. Booking: Once you're satisfied with the proposed itinerary, we will proceed with the booking process. As travel advisors, we have established strong relationships with a wide network of trusted suppliers, hotels, airlines, and other service providers. Leveraging these connections, we will secure the best available options, negotiate favorable rates, and handle all the logistics on your behalf. Sit back, relax, and leave the intricate details to us. 4. Finalizing Itinerary & Pre-Trip Call: Before your departure, we will work closely with you to finalize your itinerary. We will ensure that all the necessary reservations, tickets, and confirmations are in place. Your itinerary will be built into a custom app where you can convienently access all the details of your trip, confirmation documents and many other resources so that everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. A few weeks before your trip, to ensure that you embark on your journey with absolute confidence, we will schedule a pre-trip call. During this call, we will go over every aspect of your itinerary, address any questions or concerns you may have, and provide you with essential travel tips and information. 5. Support Before & During Travel: Even after your itinerary is finalized and you're on your way, our support continues. Should you encounter any unexpected changes, disruptions, or need assistance during your trip, we are just a phone call or email away. Your satisfaction and enjoyment are our top priorities.
  • When is the best time to start working with a travel agent?
    It's a good idea to start planning your trip with your travel agent 6-12 months before the trip dates. We can help arrange trips closer to the travel dates, but be aware that availability can be more limited.
  • Why should I use a travel agent? Can't I just book this myself?
    Travel advisors still play a crucial role in the travel industry, and their expertise and services continue to be highly valuable to clients. While technology has made it easier for travelers to book certain aspects of their trips online, the amount of options and information out there can sometimes be quite overwhelming to sort through. There are many benefits to using a travel advisor to plan your next trip. Here are ten of the top benefits: Time-saving: Travel advisors can save you time by doing the research for you and providing you with a range of options that meet your travel preferences. Personalized service: A travel advisor can tailor your travel plans to your individual needs and preferences, including your budget, interests, and travel style. Expert advice: Travel advisors have first-hand knowledge and experience in the destinations you are interested in, and can provide valuable advice and recommendations to help you make the most of your trip. Maximizing your budget: Travel advisors can have access to exclusive promotions that may not be available to the general public and can help you get the most bang for you buck by packaging some components of your trip and helping you spend your travel dollars wisely. Our goal is to help you maximize your travel budget by prioritizing spending on the items that are important to you, finding the best value for your money, and preventing costly mistakes. Assistance with destination specific travel requirements: A travel advisor can help you navigate the complexities of visa requirements and other necessary travel documents and entry requirements, ensuring that you have everything you need for your trip. Travel insurance: Travel advisors can provide advice and assistance with travel insurance, ensuring that you have the right coverage for your trip. Emergency support: In the event of an emergency or unexpected event, a travel advisor can provide support and assistance to help you get back on track. Time-sensitive assistance: In case of unexpected situations like cancellations or rescheduling of flights, a travel advisor can quickly provide you with options to avoid any inconvenience. In these situations it is invaluable to have personalized assistance instead of being on hold and listening to how many callers there are ahead of you. Reduced stress: By handling all the details of your trip, a travel advisor can help reduce your stress and allow you to enjoy your trip without worrying about the logistics. Relationship building: A travel advisor can help build long-term relationships with clients, providing ongoing advice and support for future trips.
  • How do travel agents get paid?
    Travel advisors are paid commission by our travel supplier partners however some components of a trip are not commissionable. We do charge a small planning fee for our services after the initial consultation before we start working on your trip plans. Our trip planning fees start at $150 for customized travel itineraries. The planning fee covers the time, expertise, and personalized service we provide as a travel advisor and is based on the complexity of your trip. By charging a fee, it allows us to prioritize your proposal and dedicate the necessary time and attention to detail for each client. As a client investing in our services, you're gaining a dedicated travel professional who will go above and beyond to create a memorable trip for you. Here is an example of just some of what is included in the planning fee: Inquiry call, up to 1 hour An initial proposal concept, with up to two revisions Logistical assistance and insight Custom itinerary creation with in-depth destination knowledge A comprehensive well organized itinerary in a convenient app with travel tips and guidance Pre-travel itinerary review call, up to 1 hour Emergency in-travel assistance Every trip is unique: they vary in length, number of travelers, and complexity. Some travelers prefer to be more spontaneous; others want to have every detail planned in advance. Any additional fees are based on the complexity of the trip and would be discussed up front during your initial free consultation and are outlined in our fee agreement. For Disney & Cruise Travel Planning there is no initial fee but during your call we will discuss any applicable fees if you would like to use our Disney concierge services.
  • Will I need to get travel insurance?
    Your vacation is an investment and we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance to protect that investment and provide quotes with all our itineraries, but that decision is ultimately up to you. There are so many unexpected things that can come up during travel. We are there to help you put the best plan possible in place and navigate the unexpected that sometimes you just can't plan for. Travel insurance does add that extra layer of protection and peace of mind in case you do come across some bumps in the road. We do ask our clients to sign a waiver if you choose not to purchase travel protection.
  • How can I contact you?
    We offer several ways to make it easy for you and your schedule. The best way to start planning your trip is to fill out the new trip questionnaire. You can find the link to the form for the type of trip you would like to plan under the about or contact sections on our site. Once you complete the form we will reach out to schedule a complimentary consultation call to discuss your trip further. The form is just a starting point for further discussion, so don't worry if you aren't quite sure about some of the details yet. We can talk through those more during the call. Not quite ready to start planning? You can also reach us by email if you just have a general question.
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