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Tropical Locales

Turquoise blue waters, sandy beaches and so much more. There are a seemingly endless number of destinations to explore. From the well known to the more off the beaten path, wether you are looking for a relaxing sanctuary, lively island vibes or an adrenaline filled adventure we would love to help you discover a new paradise. 



All-inclusive resorts are extremely popular in the Yucatán Peninsula. From adult only luxury experiences to family friendly resorts with water parks or dolphinariums, there is a resort for everyone. While each resort will have a unique vibe, most will have at minimum the same base offering that includes accommodations, meals, snacks, and drinks.Whether it’s a family friendly resort with lots of activities for the kids or a luxury adults only boutique resort that gives you a peaceful escape, there is an all-inclusive resort in the Yucatán Peninsula that fits your style.

Unique Experience:

The Yucatán Peninsula is home to thousands of cenotes, open underground cave systems, with many now open for snorkeling and ziplining.


Jamaica is divided into six unique resort areas with something for everyone: Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Port Antonio, Kingston, South Coast, and Negril. Kingston is the birthplace of reggae, dancehall, and ska music and has the most recording studios per square capita in the world. Jamaica also has at least 10 famous waterfalls to explore. Did you know that Jamaica has more than 900 kilometers, or 560 miles, of coastline? From big beach resorts to small family-run properties, you are bound to find a vacation spot that will give you a chance to enjoy a stretch of that coastline and beach while you gaze out across the Caribbean Sea.

Unique Experience:

The Negril Cliffs are something to behold as they tower 40 feet above the water. And they are a great spot to watch a magical sunset given their location on the west end of the island. Enjoy watching locals soar over the edge of the cliffs into the water or the brave traveler having a go at the experience.

Image by Caspar Rae
Image by Emely Marchena

Dominican Republic

With 1000 miles of coastline, travelers looking for a perfect spot of beach are bound to find it in the Dominican Republic. Consider popular areas like Punta Cana with its 30 mile stretch of beach that is enjoyable year-round.The beautiful all-inclusive resorts are one of the many reasons to visit the Dominican Republic. From picturesque beaches to gourmet dining, there is a variety of resorts from which to choose for every travel style. 

Unique Experience:

The waterfall at Salto el Limon is worth the 1.5-mile trek through lush forest. You can hike or go by horseback through the hilly terrain until you arrive at the 130 feet of cascading water that falls into a freshwater pool available for your enjoyment.


Need a reason to visit the Bahamas? There are countless water activities, more than you could possibly do in one visit! From snorkeling to jet skiing, to swimming with local sea life to cruising the harbor on a pirate ship, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy! Find yourself enraptured with all the surrounding beauty of The Bahamas. The tranquil waters are teeming with incredible life just waiting to be explored. The Bahamas are waiting for you.

Unique Experience:

Looking for a one-of-a-kind experience? Hop on a boat and head to Pig Beach found 35 miles southeast of Nassau. Though no one is quite sure how they got there, enjoy hearing some of the most popular theories as you travel across the clear blue waters enroute to meet these friendly locals.

Image by Ryan Geller
Bucket List Destination.jpg
Bucket List Destination.jpg

St. Lucia

Most people recognize St. Lucia by its famous mountain peaks. These sister peaks are referred to as The Pitons (pronounced PEE-tohn)- Petit Piton is more vertical and nearer from this perspective, and Gros Piton sits just to the right. The views from the top are spectacular! St. Lucia is consistently voted the number one honeymoon destination in the world. With crystal clear waters, luxurious accommodations, and world-class activities, St. Lucia is the perfect destination to celebrate love.

Unique Experience:

A must-do in St. Lucia is hiking the Pitons, though hiking Petit Piton is really for expert climbers. The views from the top are spectacular!

Costa Rica

When visiting Costa Rica you can experience a variety of environments from sunny beaches to rainforests and volcanos. The Papagayo Peninsula is known for exclusive resorts, sunny days, and picturesque beaches! At the foothills of Arenal have a thermal spa experience at one of the many hot springs where the waters you navigate are heated by the magma from the Arenal Volcano.

Unique Experience:

The first animal when you think of Costa Rica might be a sloth, and you can find plenty of them when there. The thing is that they’re difficult to spot with an untrained eye! 

Image by Mike Swigunski


With the 6 main Hawaiian island and several smaller islands the possibilities are endless to create the perfect Hawaiian adventure for your unique interests. From crystalline blue waters to towering green cliffs and volcanic black sand beaches that create a stunning backdrop for experiencing the rich Hawaiian culture, history and thrill seeking excursions. We want to help you experience Hawaii's spirit of Aloha.

Unique Experience:

Whale season on Maui typically runs from November through May. While they can sometimes be seen from the shore, your best bet is to do a watching tour by boat. The best scenic times are said to be early morning and sunset

These are just a few of the possible options. A few other options to consider are Barbados, Antigua, Grenada, Aruba, Turks & Caicos, Curacao, Belize, Puerto Rico, Bali and Tahiti just to name a few. If you don't see the destination you have in mind just fill out our new trip inquiry form and we will set up a call to discuss what you are looking for. 

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